IMPORTANT! Even if you’re sending an email instead of mailing a letter through the post office it is important to include your contact information. You should always include your address so your Rep or Senator can confirm you live in their district, while a phone number could be optional.

General Guidelines

  • Be specific
    • If sending an email, put the bill number in the subject line. If mailing a letter, put it in your first paragraph. It’s unlikely you will keep their attention if it takes to the 4th paragraph to tell them why you’re writing and what you want them to do.
    • Explain exactly how the legislation affects you or their district. “This gun club in your district sent 4 teenagers to national competitions this year, this bill would have prevented that”.
    • Request a particular action, whether it is support for a bill or a vote against it.
    • Make sure to include your full name and address in the signature
  • Be polite and courteous. Insults or “I’ll get you voted out” threats don’t help.

Sample letter 1, single personal issue


Dear Representative <name>,

I am writing to express my displeasure with bill H.4139, "An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws", and to ask you to oppose it. The proposed restrictions on youth programs and the limitations on firearm access for young people would be devastating to my 16 year old daughter. Tina hunts deer and turkey, and participates in the youth marksmanship program at our club. The safety instruction she has received has been first rate. The time at the range and in the field hunting provides us countless hours of priceless time together, reduces the time she spends online, and has contributed to her maturation and success in school and extracurricular programs. Preventing youth access to programs that support youth development like that is a mistake, and I ask you to vote against the bill so that other children might have the opportunity to succeed as Tina has.

Thank you,

Joe Citizen
123 Sesame St
Town In Your District, MA 02134
cell: 508-555-1234